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Word From The Hive

In The Beginning...

In The Beginning...

The Hive Light started as an Instagram page. It was an outlet for me to build up the confidence and courage to share and sell my art. I've painted and sketched for basically my entire life but never felt confident enough to share my work never mind selling it. I started by blogging for a page called The Anatomical Atlas; an Instagram page I dedicated to my love of art history and the history of medicine. You may have noticed that sometimes my posts say posted from The Anatomical Atlas Art, which is what The Hive Light was before I "rebranded". After I became a little less shy about my art, I thought giving my all to selling my art was in the cards. I put (and continue to do so) all my effort and energy into it. I sold at markets, in-person and online, and I tried marketing my work. But I had no proper foundation in marketing and, therefore, had no idea what I was doing. Thus began my journey into digital marketing. My goal was and is to help other businesses and business owners like myself. I found too many agencies were focused on the bigger companies and few were championing for the little guy. With today's consumer turning their attention to shopping small and local, I believe its important for the little guy to reach those consumers. 

I love being able to tell thought provoking and inspiring stories. Shopping local is so important to our communities, not to mention purchasing something that is different from what the big guys are offering. You get quality, love, and determination behind every product made by a local shop owner. 

The piece pictured here is the first piece I created for The Hive Light. It was inspired by historical anatomical drawings and my love for all things nature. The Hive Light has now grown into something where I am able to use all of my skills and talents to not only help myself but to help other small business owners tell their stories. 


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